108: Press On Until Fruition

What do you do when you know that you’re created for something greater, but the life before you says otherwise? You choose to win anyways! From being born in Oakland and raised in South Central Los Angeles to becoming a graduate of Yale, later student of law at UC Berkeley, and now a first-gen professional–Antonio has not let anything, or anyone, stand in the way of the life he knew was meant for him. Join us as we chat about dreaming big, making tough but necessary choices, understanding social capital, and important lessons for those considering the path to law.

Antonio Ingram is a first-generation college graduate and now professional. He attended Yale where he studied religion and then UC Berkeley School of Law where he studied human rights. Antonio has visited over 30 different countries, is Fulbright Scholar, and has clerked for two different federal judges. He has a heart for justice and making sure that the paths that he is forging are wide enough for people to enter in after him.

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