111: #TBT- Strategies for Being A Successful First-Gen in Corporate America

Is there such a thing as being too prepared? I hope not. In effort to continue to help you prepare for what’s to come next in your life professionally, I thought it would be ideal to share with you this very timeless throwback with Chandria Harris. In this session, we touched on strategies to help first-generation college graduates to be successful in corporate America. Many of the things that we talk about are some of the unspoken rules of being a professional. After all, there is always a “code,” and if you don’t know better you simply can’t do better.

Chandria Harris is a Global Career Development Consultant and Certified Career Services Provider who has served in roles both at Fortune 500 companies and in higher education. She is a minority, and first-generation college graduate with over 5 years of experience in recruitment and training and development. Chandria holds a Masters Degree in Counseling/Psychology from the University of West Alabama and a Bachelors of Science in Social Science from Mississippi University for Women.  She also holds an Associate Degree from Meridian Community College. She is a Certified Resume Writer, Certified Career Services Provider and Global Career Development Facilitator.  Recently recognized as Nashville 100’s Top HR Training and Development Professionals, and featured in several magazines (Rollingout, Black Enterprise, Madame CJ Walker’s Legacy Foundation) for her relevant career insight and advice, Mrs. Chandria Harris is committed to helping young professionals understand who they are and how they can impact their lives and the world.

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