114: How Purpose Fuels Mental Health

Have you ever considered that your purpose and mental health are connected? Like… Has it ever crossed your mind that by not doing what’s necessary to take care of your mental health may be what’s keeping you from living out your purpose? I found myself thinking about this quite a bit after having this conversation with Tanya. I’ve always known that our purpose is what keeps us motivated in so many ways. Yet, it never dawned on me until looking at purpose from another lens, that if I don’t do what’s necessary to take care of my mental health that I can’t serve the people who I was put on this Earth to serve.

As someone who has experienced significant loss (a sister, sister in law, and grandmother within two years’ time), Tanya understands the importance of getting the support you need to continue to be well mentally and spiritually. Thus, she charges us to do what we have to do take care of ourselves and put our pride aside to get the help that we may need.

Tanya J. Miller of Tanya J. Miller, LLC, and Talking with Tanya, is an author, speaker, coach, and strategist with a passion for helping people and organizations figure out how to do life and leadership unapologetically on purpose.

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