116: Check Yo’ Money!

What kind of conversations did you have as a kid about money? With whom did you have these conversations? What have you done, or are you doing, to learn more about money? Knowledge is power and money is important. If a person does not have an understanding of money, how it works, what to do with it, and so forth… I can get why they would feel powerless when it comes to their money and financial wellbeing. I don’t want that someone to be you (or even me for that matter). So, we’re talking about money again this week and this time we’ve been joining us “The Boujie Budgeter,” Mykail James. We’ll touch on a few things like, as you probably guessed, being “bougie” on a budget, understanding taxes, and dating your money.

Mykail James is “The Boujie Budgeter” and founder of BoujieBudgets.com, an online platform dedicated to teaching Gen Z professionals how to finance their best lives. Upon graduating with her MBA focused in accounting, Mykail became a Certified Financial Literacy instructor. She has a fresh new take on managing money and finances. Her teachings use pop-culture references and relatable language to help her audience understand confusing money concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing. The goal is to make positive money moves while still controlling your finances because you can only live your best life when it is properly financed!

Connect with Mykail:
Website: https://www.boujiebudgets.com
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