117: How to Advocate for Change

Do you ever feel like it’s difficult being a person trying to make an impact in this world? Don’t, because there’s no better time to advocate for change than now. Here’s how you and other institutions can start that change today. 

How to encourage the thought process of students for driving change on campuses? – (6:25) 
Let’s get one thing straight: Students are beginning to feel like their voices are not being heard. How can institutions and non-profits solve this issue? Only by building a platform that displays the students’ power and allows them to speak about their concerns on campus freely.

Why should first-generation students share their narratives? – (15:08) 
Ready for another mind-boggling idea? Sharing your narrative as a first-generation student will open more doors than you think. This is an essential action that students can do to help people understand their purpose. It’s also crucial in developing effective student advocacy and support on campuses and throughout life. 

How can running a nonprofit organization bring forth change for first-generation students? – (21:30)
If you’re someone who thinks that nonprofit work is easy, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble! It’s especially tricky for diverse groups to break into the industry. They have to be able to show that their cause is a pressing issue to investors who may not see the purpose. 

Advice for first-generation students looking to make a difference through nonprofit work and beyond? – (29:15)
For any first-generation student trying to make a difference, remember to take pride in your status! Being a first-generation student is a fantastic title to have since it shows that you have overcome many obstacles to get to where you are now. Embrace your title and tackle life like a boss.

Chris Sinclair is the Executive Director of External Affairs for FLIP National, a national non-profit organization that does advocacy work on behalf of first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI) college students at colleges & universities across the country.  Chris is a recent graduate of the School of General Studies at Columbia University.  Chris is a founding member of FLIP at Columbia, served as its first GS Representative, was a co-chair of FLIP at Columbia’s Food Insecurity Committee, and played an integral role in the launch & success of several initiatives such as CU Meal Share, CU Food Bank, Share Meals & the Textbook Lending Library.

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