118: How to Stand Out as A Creative

If you are a Black creative, then chances are you’ll have to work twice as hard to get your work out there. Luckily, there are some ways to help you stand out in creative industries. To get you started, here are some tips on how to make impactful moves within these industries.

How to not be an “angry black person” in the creative/film industry? – (14:06)
Let me drop some wisdom said by Deondra: Sometimes, it’s easy to get pushed around in certain industries. This is especially true for black first-gen creatives since we want to express our emotions all the time. Until you can get to higher positions, you’re going to have to keep your emotions in check and remain professional at all times.

Advice for young and black filmmakers/creatives? – (15:52)
If you’re a creative, listen up! Before you can make it, you must define your tribe of people that will stand by you. You can’t juggle everything at once because you will eventually become drained physically and mentally. Having these relationships with your tribe will solidify your spot in the creative industry and make the process much smoother.

How to find the funds as a black creative? – (17:25)
When you have a dream, finances will NOT be your roadblock! First, you must be willing to make sacrifices before you can fund your passion. Then, you’ll have to save your money, making loans your last resort! Self-advocacy is also needed to help raise funds for your dream.

Final thoughts to keep in mind? – (22:52)
If you’re a creative, keep this in mind: When you have a passion, you must keep going no matter what! If you stick with your tribe and continue to work towards your passion, then everything will work in your favor.

Deondra J. Edwards (born November 13, 1990), is a filmmaker from St. Louis, Missouri that strives to tell stories that has subliminal messages, comedic elements, and of overall substance. He is the creator, director, and screenwriter for the proof of concept pilot, ‘#JustBlack’ that is currently streaming on YouTube. If he could describe himself, it would be ‘integrity, unpredictability, a quiet storm, an in depth thinker, and persistent’. Deondra is a proud graduate of the greatest HBCU in existence, Virginia State University… and it’s not even close!

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