119: 5 Biz Tools

New, current, and longtime business owners, here’s a heads up! Have you ever wondered how you can make yourself and your business stand out? If so, then you’re in for a treat! Here are the top five business tools that you need to establish for your business today.

Keep up with your money. – 1:52
Where’d all your revenue go? Let’s hope not to your personal bank account! If you want to make sure that your money is there, it’s time to invest in two tools: a financial management app and a business bank account. QuickBooks Self Employed is great for financial management. When it comes to the business account, though, make sure you’re opening one up with a credit union to help save money on fees.

Have a professional email account. – 4:18
Did you think that your personal Gmail account was going to make the cut? Not today! Try to look at creating an account with a professional branding domain. Not only does it help you look professional, but it also gives you a trustworthy and reliable image.

Have a website. – 6:30
Social media is great, but guess what’s better? Creating your website to display the purpose of your business! You’ll have flexibility in creating the website to help people find you and learn more about your purpose. I enjoy using Weebly but be sure to choose a platform based on your preference.

Get an email marketing platform. – 8:39
Another great method to use to get your content out there is by using an email marketing platform. These platforms allow you to easily connect with your customers while also controlling your algorithms. You will also be able to reach your target customers regardless of which one you pick.

File your corporation papers for your business. – 12:17
Corporation papers! Why? Well, it’s because these papers will open more doors for you during your journey. You’ll also enjoy many perks, in addition to being labeled as professional and prepared. 

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