121: Struggling to Communicate

Have you ever wondered how to spark change and overcome obstacles within your family? If so, then look no further! Today, we will learn how to prevent certain events from ruining communication methods within your life.

What are the types of topics that people don’t talk about freely? – 6:55
Out of all the topics, guess the two that people don’t like to discuss. If you guessed finances and insecurities, then you’re correct! Many people feel compelled to keep their business to themselves; being silent about these issues, though, is what creates generational curses. Yikes! 

When generational curses start in the home, there will be no time until it begins to affect the children. Therefore, it is becoming even more crucial to foster effective communication between parent and child. 

What advice do you have for people trying to bounce back from financial turmoil? – 19:04
If you’re currently in a financial bind, keep your head up! There are several ways to cut down on your financial troubles and live a life of abundance:

  • Cut unnecessary spending (yes, that includes your coffee budget).
  • Stay away from high-interest loans; you’ll end up paying more than you originally borrowed.
  • Stop living above your means; living that “broke” life is okay.
  • Have multiple streams of income; this is the time to invest in a side hustle.

Any thoughts to leave with the audience? – 33:59
If there’s one thing that Jamey Jenkins wants to leave for the audience, it’s that sometimes the best things in life aren’t things at all. What does this mean? Well, memorable moments in life are not all about material things. They can be memories, time spent with people, and more.

Jamey Jenkins is a first generation graduate of Alcorn State University. He completed his bachelors in Political Science in 2002. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. Since that time he has been the successful owner of multiple companies. He is also a 16 year veteran at Nissan North America. Jamey is the Founder and CEO of Hello Black man enterprises. Hello Black Man was originated as a Journal series to restore communication within the black community and more importantly within the black family. It has sparked a fire and that company is now exploring apparel, jewelry, podcast, conferences, building a nonprofit organization to support the black man throughout life and much more. Hello Black Man will be globally known and accepted as a breakthrough. The movement can be found on all social media platforms, the website helloblackman.com and the journals can be purchased on amazon.

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