128: Being A Multi-Passionate Creative

How do you balance a busy lifestyle? (4:50)
At this point, I would understand if busy was your middle name! However, if you want to manage your active lifestyle well, you must master two skills: time management and scheduling. You also must identify how much you can handle on your plate and use your creative senses to balance all your activities daily.

For all my go-getters out there, it’s time to get you all right for this new season that we’re enduring! If you’re trying to navigate your busy lifestyle during these crazy times, then I have some pointers that will help you stay on track and focus more closely on your goals.

What about those who say that you’re “doing too much?” (7:21)
Look, I get it. It’s exhausting to hear people making comments about your goals and life, especially as business owners. During these moments, you must reevaluate your thinking by asking yourself the following questions:   

What is your purpose?  Where did your passion originate?  Why do you do these activities? Don’t let Impostor Syndrome bring you down either. You must own your strengths and abilities as the things that are meant for you will come naturally.

What is the difference between bragging and promoting? (10:02)
Believe it or not, there is a HUGE difference between bragging and promoting your business. When you’re bragging, you’re stating the advantages that will only benefit you. On the other hand, promoting is about the added value that a person will get from your business. It’s always okay to promote rather than brag, so use it to your advantage!

What is it like being out of alignment? How did you overcome and learn from that? (17:06)
If you’ve ever felt compelled to please others continually, then you are always out of alignment! To get back to your productive space, you must be willing to say no and fire people when necessary, even if they’re your clients. Also, you must learn effective communication to bring alignment back to your life.

How did you find a community for yourself as an entrepreneur? (22:00) If you’re looking for a community where you can find like-minded people, then there’s no better place to look than within your clients! Yes, your loyal clients can help by connecting you with others that can be part of your community. Giving back will also help you receive more back, especially in terms of finding the right community for yourself.

Advice for creatives, first-gens, etc.? (25:56) If there’s one piece of advice that you need to hear, make it this: Keep in mind that feelings are temporary, and that faith is more prominent than fear! When you’re able to understand these lessons while stepping out on fear, the panic will disappear before your eyes.

Tiana Glover, born of Durham, NC, has worked in the creative industry for nearly 10 years and has professionally become known as TG The Mogul. After graduating college, she rebranded under Tiana Glover Graphics. In 2017, began to build her brand awareness. Now in 2020, Tiana has managed to make her impact in the media industry working with brands like The Prevailing Woman Magazine, Captivate, Whitney Austin, BYOB, Dutchess of Black Ink Crew, Autumn Joi Live and the Radio One Team, plus many more. 

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