138: Answers in Unexpected Places

For most entrepreneurs, coming up with a business name is a more daunting task than coming up with a great idea. In fact, most entrepreneurs admit that they had to spend hours on end trying to figure out what name to use for their brand. 

The first thing people notice about your brand is the name. A unique name undoubtedly says a lot about what you can offer and how creative you can get. With a catchy, descriptive and creative name, it easier for people to remember you and relate to your brand. And that was certainly the case when Michael D. Finkley came up with the Finkley Experience.

The Finkley Experience – 04:45

People get their best ideas from the most unexpected experiences. It might be a trip with your students or a fishing expedition. These moments of inspiration don’t come twice, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you are going to risk it. You might not know this, but your journey into entrepreneurship will require you to innovate and continuously come up with great ideas. If you are struggling to find a unique aspect of your business, just think about what makes you special. The first step in being unique is in the name. Choose a name that screams confidence, experience and uniqueness. 

Wanting To Become an Entrepreneur – 08:17

While some people subconsciously know that they want to become entrepreneurs, some of us need moments of magic that open our eyes to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. Everybody has that one business idea at the back of their heads accumulating dust waiting for the right moments to come. There is never a right time to take the first step. If you genuinely believe that your idea is the next big, make that leap of faith. Trust me; you won’t regret it. 

What’s Holding You Back? – 09:04

Your mindset can be a huge barrier in your journey to becoming an entrepreneur. If you continuously have doubts about your abilities, the chances of you making it are slim. So, before you think about starting, change your mindset to that of belief and confidence. The other thing that can hold you back is your background; this is usually common among first gens. The fact that you are the first one taking the unknown route can make you doubt yourself. As a first-gen, you making it this far means that you are made of steel, and nothing can break you. 

How to Navigate Your Challenges – 10:00

People will always be there to encourage you to start your journey, but no one will be there to tell you how to do it. To stay motivated, always remember what made you start in the first place. The hurdles will be there, building your team will be tiring, and the hard decisions will have to be made. Always remember that you are an entrepreneur and that nobody is doing what you’re doing. With your brand being unique, the research process will more often than no lead you to dead ends. But these dead ends are where the opportunities lie. 

College Life – 15:10 

As a first-gen, no one really prepares you for the hurdles you’ll face while on campus. Since it’s your first time all alone, freshman year can be especially tricky to navigate. But just like any precious metal, the hardships make you stronger. Instead of thinking about the things that frustrate you, try to focus on the things that give you joy and purpose, and you’ll find that campus life is not so hard after all. 

How To Celebrate Your Achievements – 20:40 

Most people worry about the grinding part of the journey and never make time to celebrate their achievements. To be able to perform at your optimal best, you need to slow down and count your blessings. Sometimes a small break to appreciate how much you’ve accomplished will keep you motivated and focused on your goals. It doesn’t have to be a big party, just gather up some of your closest friends and people who have been part of the journey and make it happen. 

Final Thoughts – 25:40

The way you define yourself is the way most people will look at you. Before you take the first step, define your process and understand that you are doing all this for your benefit. Through the struggles and through the winnings keep on moving and eventually you’ll get to where you want to be. Once you make yourself a better person, the results will come.

Michael D. Finkley is a speaker, author and educator. Finkley is a native of Mullins, SC. Finkley has served in various roles in higher education including college admissions/enrollment management, career services, student affairs, and teaching. Finkley is the Founder/Executive Director of The Finkley Experience: An Educational Consulting Firm which assists first-generation students within the process of college. Finkley holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Education (K-12), and Master of Science in Higher Education Administration. Connect with Finkley on LinkedIn.

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