146: 3 Reasons Why Failure is Good

To some people, it’s a little too early in the year to talk about failure. But, why wait until failure actually happens to start talking about it? Why wouldn’t someone want to be mentally prepared for tragic events that will likely occur in the future? So, a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon an Instagram post that talked about failure. I thought that the message was inspiring and so I posted it on my timeline. A few replies and texts were all the signs I needed to talk about this intriguing topic.

Three Reasons Why Failure is Good For You – 02:59

If someone had told me a few years ago that failure was good for me, I swear I’d have straight up told them that they were tripping. However, after many years of failing and succeeding in different goals, I finally understood the positive side of failure. Y’all know that I’m a strong advocate of approaching things from a different viewpoint, and failure is no different. Once you start seeing things from a different perspective, trust me, things will change.

You’ll be Challenged – 03:30

It’s only during your most challenging moments that you’ll know your true self. And by true self, I mean your limits, your proneness to failure and how to set your boundaries. While some people face challenges with vigour and enthusiasm, others struggle to overcome them. In one way or another, human beings are programmed to seek challenges; otherwise, how else would you explain risk-taking endeavors? The thing with being challenged is that it toughens you up, such that the next time the unfortunate incident happens, you’ll be able to face it comfortably. What you’re facing right now is happening for a reason, but the outcome will be determined by how well you handle the situation. 

You’ll Learn – 04:44 

Some people prefer brushing off failures and moving on with life as if nothing happened. The problem is that we regularly find ourselves facing the same issues more times than we’d prefer to, and that’s when lack of motivation sets in. In contrast, the second group of people often focuses on what went wrong instead of looking at the lessons learned. Instead of thinking about why something happened, it would be best if you considered how you’ll better yourself. Learning doesn’t necessarily have to be fun; it can sometimes be challenging. So, whenever you’re faced with challenges, think about the key takeaways and how you can prevent the incident from happening again in the future. 

You’ll Be More Resilient – 05:58

When I first moved to Mississippi, I had this sorority sister who believed that What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’ve held onto that statement for more than a decade because I’ve always seen some sense in it. How? Because the complicated things we encounter in our everyday lives only work to make us better people. These situations are there to expand our capacities in navigating future challenges. As you continue with your journey, always remain optimistic because none of us is excused from failure. 

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