150: Happy Birthday and 4 Year Celebration

We live in a time of accelerated change. What was viable a couple of months ago might not be relevant tomorrow morning. This means that our days are filled with changes that present newer opportunities to keep moving forward. No matter how tough the past year was, there will always be a silver lining in whatever life throws at you. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to take a step towards finding your silver lining. 

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Pivot – 05:50

With everything that happened last year, we’ve all been forced to pivot in one way or the other. The signs that it was going to be a challenging year were there, it’s just we didn’t notice them, or I didn’t notice them. From my perspective, everything pointed to a very successful year. I had been booked to 14 speaking gigs, and I felt like my years of hard work and dedication were finally paying off. The pandemic kicked in, and everything came crashing down. I won’t explain how devastated I felt when emails of canceled, rescheduled, or postponed events hit my inbox, but I was dumbfounded. 

How I Tried To Pivot – 08:30

After it finally dawned on me that the pandemic was here to stay and that I had to find a way to salvage the situation, I dusted myself up and talked to my therapist. I wasn’t going to wallow in self-pity, so I came up with an online training package. The initial reception was more significant than I had anticipated, but I found myself thinking that online training is not right for me. I again went back to the drawing board and was forced to pivot for a second time, which was frustrating. 

The Reality Check – 10:40

By November, the signs were good, and I believed that I would end the year on a high. So I organized an event, invited people to attend, and even booked a room. Then it happened, only four people showed up, and after a while, everybody left. To tell you that I was embarrassed would be an understatement because I’ve never experienced anything close to what happened that day. Again I pulled myself up and went live on Instagram. Within 20 minutes, 52 people showed up, and five people later reached out wanting to find out more about the other services I offered. 

What Does Pivoting Look Like In Your Life – 14:12

I’m not here to tell you that every change or setback that happens in your life will have a fairy tale ending. No, I won’t lie to you. All I’m saying is that had I not pivoted the way I did, I would have never been able to overcome all the setbacks that I faced. Life will always throw obstacles in your path, but it’s up to you to be prepared to tackle those obstacles. Instead of looking at loss as the end of something, think of it as life pushing you towards a different direction.

Pivoting Is Possible – 17:54

Pivoting might be hard, uncomfortable, and something you never envisioned yourself doing. However, that doesn’t mean that pivoting is unachievable. Sometimes you might not have all the answers, but the best way to pivot is to continue to move forward. The other thing you must combat is your fear of the unknown. Be it in your relationships, school life, or business, the future will always be uncertain, but you’ll never truly pivot if you don’t take the first step.

Why Pivoting Is a Good Thing – 18:45

Some people pivot by their own free will, while circumstances force others. All in all, there is so much that you stand to gain from pivoting. Just because something is happening contrary to what you envisioned it would happen does not mean that it wasn’t supposed to happen. Instead of thinking about what could have been, start focusing all your energy on what you stand to gain from life’s changes. After all, everything in life happens for a reason, and life might be pushing you to a higher purpose.

Life Is Always Changing – 19:40

You might have heard the phrase that ‘the only constant in life is change’ millions of times. Well, it’s true, but we’re programmed in such a way that we only recognize the significant life changes. Of all the changes in our lives, we tend to be more resistant to the unexpected ones. However, even the random changes are expected because we already know that nothing is constant. Nonetheless, the only reason why I’m here today is because I was open to pivoting and embracing change. So, as you journey towards your goals, embrace change with open arms because you don’t have a reason to be stuck when life leads you to a different path. 

As we celebrate our third year anniversary, which interestingly coincides with my birthday, I want to thank you for always tuning in and sharing the podcast with your networks. I don’t take it for granted and I promise to continue showing up and creating content that inspires you to pursue your dreams.

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