154: Why Black Women Are Dope

Having to deal with racism and sexism all at the same time is far from easy. A black woman will be discriminated against for being black and for being a woman, even though she exists in both identities at all times. Despite the challenges and obstacles in our paths, we have accomplished so much and continue to make remarkable strides. We are business owners, highly educated, ambitious, and most importantly, dope. 

Black Women Are Dope – 01:22

Being a strong black woman is sometimes considered a birthright considering the hardships and stereotypes we go through before we can have something to our names. However, have you ever thought about the other things that we might be other than being strong? Mind you; I’m not against being strong. It’s just that today I’m here to talk about something more than just strength— being dope. Yes, you read that right. Black women are dope. 

I was brought up in a home where I wasn’t forced to conform to specific racial or gender-related topics. In essence, I really didn’t think about race or gender until I started grad school. And that’s when it hit me that society saw me for my blackness before noticing my womanhood; sometimes, I couldn’t separate the two either. Even though I might have experienced some tough times through the years, I’m here today to say that I’m proud to be a black woman, and I believe our blackness is what makes us dope. 

The Strength of a Black Woman – 04:29

When researching how unique black women are, I noticed something that really bothered me. Most, if not all, stats on black women focused only on the negative things that plague our society. From poverty and the high number of single mothers to domestic violence and substance abuse, it’s like we can’t link anything positive to a black woman. What they forget to mention is that our living conditions significantly contribute to all this negative stuff. But then again, why don’t they mention the women that are making moves in this country. The current vice-president of the U.S is a black woman; why don’t they say that. With that, I realized that black women aren’t accorded the respect, appreciation, and honor they deserve. If you’ve never been appreciated for the excellent work you do, let me take this opportunity to tell you that you are great and you are dope, and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Serving Black People – 09:06

I can’t start counting the number of times people have asked me whether my platform is sorely dedicated to serving black people. And the answer is no; I created this platform to serve people, regardless of race, color, or sexual orientation. Yet, most of the people I seem to attract are black, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Because I believe there’s nothing wrong with serving black people. They are people with dreams, goals, passions and sometimes need someone to hold their hand when life gets a little complicated. 

Taking Pride in Being Black – 11:04

I admit it, being black is hard. But that doesn’t mean that I’m ashamed of who I am. All the painful experiences I went through because of my color shaped me into the woman I am today. I’ve been in business for five years, and every now and then, I analyze what’s working and what’s not. In my latest findings, I realized that 98% of the people who’ve hired my services, booked me on speaking gigs, bought my books, or contributed to growing my business were black women. This goes to show black women support each other. Still, behind every prosperous black woman, a man is supporting her and pushing her on. So, as we continue to exceed expectations and support each other, let’s try to mold our young girls into exceptional black leaders of tomorrow.   

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