156: How to Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Bussiness

Oprah Winfrey once said, ‘Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’ Everyone has a passion, some more than one, and some are yet to figure out theirs. The good news is that it’s never too late or too early to develop your passion and even turn it into a viable business. However, before taking the entrepreneurial plunge, you need to spend a substantial amount of time determining if your passion can be lucrative and sustainable. Our guest for today, Cassie Butcher, believes that the best businesses are built on passion. It just takes some planning, daring guts, and most importantly, hard work. 

Some Things Cassie Wished She Knew Before Graduating College – 06:21

Like most college students, Cassie believed that she’d land a job immediately after graduating. Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case because papers alone don’t guarantee a nice job. Employers want more, something that sets you apart from all the other applicants. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t lock yourself up just because you can’t land opportunities in your area of study. Cassie’s degree has nothing to do with how she runs her wellness brand. Hence, you need to shift your mindset and be flexible enough such that you can scoop every opportunity that comes your way. If you’re passionate about what you learned in college, it’s okay to take up a different line of work while waiting for the right call. This way, you’ll learn a new skill and who knows, you might enjoy this new path that you’ve chosen. 

Major Life Lessons Cassie Learned When She Started Working – 12:00

Stepping into the job market is never easy, especially for first-gens. You are the first in your family to go to college, maybe the first to join the corporate space, and sometimes the first to start a business. Being first all the time can be somewhat overwhelming because you wonder what stopped all these other people from being first. However, there’s nothing wrong with being first. The fear of failure can be crippling, but failure is just a lesson in the journey.  

Cassie’s Journey Into Entrepreneurship – 16:30

You already know that most Americans spend most of their lives doing things they don’t like just to put food on the table. From a very young age, Cassie believed that she deserved to live a life where she had permission to do the things that she was passionate about. With that, she started a passion project where she’d post little DIY videos for friends and family, and before she knew it, her audience had grown to people she didn’t even know. Entrepreneurship is not for the select few. If you have something you’re passionate about, research it and gain as much knowledge as possible, then take the first step.

Things Cassie Would Have Done Different in Her First Year of Business – 21:45

The first few years in any business are usually very tough for most companies, and Cassie’s were no different. The only difference is that she started her hustle as a blog where she’d share her ideas and thoughts through her writing. Two years later, she had a community that loved her content and decided to make a business out of it. But, there was a problem, she had no experience starting and scaling a business. These struggles will be there, and whenever you encounter something you don’t know a thing about, consult a professional. It might force you to spend more on consultations, but it’s an investment that will save you a lot more in the future. Moreover, there are a ton of resources on YouTube, Google, and free webinars online. 

How Cassie Became a Successful Businesswoman – 25:55

Businesses can take time before they attract large groups of customers. Thus, it always helps if you have a little patience with yourself. Most people lack the patience to wait for a plan to take shape, and that’s what causes many startups to fail in the first few years. However, one should never try and confuse patience with excuses. Excuses are all about finding reasons not to do something, while patience is the ability to wait for something to happen. And the only way to develop patience is by being positive and being optimistic, especially in moments of defeat. Take time to reflect on how far you’ve come, and you’ll find the determination to keep on moving. 

Cassie Butcher is a 26 years old first-generation college graduate, professional, and entrepreneur. She received her B.A in Liberal Studies from California State University, San Bernardino in 2017 and her M.Ed in Higher Education from the University of Houston in 2019.

Cassie is the founder of her own brand Cassie’s Cure where she teaches people how to practice self-care while building their self-confidence. Through her brand, she hosts wellness retreats, quarterly self-love and self-care workshops & webinars, and facilities an enriching self-care bootcamp. Cassie is passionate about teaching people how to choose themselves first and love themselves better. Connect with Cassie Butcher on LinkedIn

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