17: Owning Your Identity and Purpose

An empowering conversation about being first-gen and owning one’s identity, navigating professionals spaces, and setting expectations.

Irnande Altema, Esq earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry from the College of Notre Dame in 2007. She then pursued a Master of Science in Biomedical Science Policy and Advocacy from Georgetown University in 2008. She graduated from Hofstra University School of Law with a concentration in Health Law in 2012. Her path started with the hard sciences and aspirations to become the first physician in her family. Although her skills and abilities showed that she could perform in this capacity, her heart had not been fully vested.

A dynamic attorney working in public policy with experience in state government. Coined as the “redefinition strategist” due to advising others on how to change the narrative and perspective of a situation to achieve a different outcome.

She is also the founder of The First-Gen Rise, whose ultimate goal is to provide insight to fellow first-generation graduates that are uncertain of how to navigate the professional world, as well as guide first-generation students on how to leverage their experience before becoming a professional. The hope is to have the first gen appreciate the uniqueness of being a member in this category by introducing them to people that have a similar experience, and share best practices that could help them avoid certain pitfalls as they embark on a journey of rising to their own pinnacle as a successful professional. Connect with Irnande Altema, Esq. on LinkedIn

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