183: Why You Should Expect More from Yourself

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As kids, we all had dreams, aspirations, and plans for when we grow up. Some of us wanted to be doctors, engineers, astronauts, and all those other high-end professions. No matter the dreams, we all wanted to be great. But as we grew older, many of us let limiting beliefs take root. We learned to repress our dreams and may even have started expecting less from ourselves. Our “just enough” expectations placed a ceiling on our ability to do more and achieve more. We got stuck in getting by, and as first-gens, it’s up to us to change it.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to get unstuck. And the key to getting unstuck is by having high expectations in life, business, or school. But, higher expectations mean higher demands. And higher demands mean higher quality outputs. So, be prepared for the grind and whatever comes next. But most importantly, expect more from yourself. 

Why Most Podcasts Fail – 03:10

Starting a podcast must be easy because otherwise, how would you explain the thousands of people launching new podcasts every day? But did you know that most podcasts don’t make it past the seventh episode? People are so excited about having shows and growing an audience, yet they forget the most important aspect of podcasting, uniqueness, and consistency. Then there’s the editing part and everything that goes on in the background. It’s a lot of work. If you want to be successful in the podcasting world, you have to be unique. Plus, your show will not rocket to the top of the charts immediately after you publish your first episode. It might take some time, and that’s where consistency comes in. 

It’s been three years since The Purpose University Podcast became The First-Gen Lounge, and let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve failed, I’ve been rejected, I’ve succeeded, but I’ve never thought about quitting. I’ve always believed in better days ahead. And looking back from where I came from and where I am now, it’s incredible. We’re at 183 episodes and almost approaching 100,000 downloads. I couldn’t be more grateful for your continued support throughout the years. Thank you!

Always Be Grateful – 05:06

Life can get extremely tough sometimes. And to tell you the truth, I’ve faced some tough times these past years that got me thinking, “Why in the world are these things happening to me?” These things crushed my spirits and sometimes my will to go on. But I noticed something. The main reason the journey seemed rough was not that the hardships were so terrifying but because I focused more on the pain and the wounds they left me with. I only saw my hardships and adversities and rarely my small wins. 

Things changed when I started focusing on the things that work out. Once you master the ability to remember that there is always an end in sight, even through your adversities, you’ll start tackling situations better. Your ability to emphasize only the things that work out makes it easier to show up continuously. So, be grateful for what you have now. Otherwise, the numerous downfalls you focus on right now will make you lose sight of the beautiful things in life.

Why You Should Expect More From Yourself – 07:22

Most people like to think their expectations are centered around their objectives, abilities, and past performance. Yet, the reality is, our past performance affects our mentality, but our expectations for ourselves affect our future performance. Two years ago, I hoped I’d go international one day and even wrote that on my affirmation board. A year later, I spoke to an international audience virtually. It was a virtual stage but, to me, it still counts. It was only after I expected more from myself that I could achieve whatever it is I wanted to achieve. Where I came from, or what I did, didn’t matter because I thought about my skills and future. 

Here are three reasons why you should expect more from yourself.

  • Your life depends on it. The quality of your life and everything that happens to you depends on how you choose to respond to it. If you choose greatness, then greatness will follow you. If you choose mediocrity, you’ll be associated with mediocrity. Choose wisely. 
  • You are more powerful than you think. It doesn’t matter your position in life, but once you start trusting yourself, even when you don’t know what you’re doing, you become stronger. So, take action and tap into your inner superpower. 
  • No one is going to save you. To be honest with you all, I spent some part of my life waiting for somebody to come rescue me. And you know what, nobody came. Nobody’s ever going to make it easier for you. The best your spouse, friends, or family can do is cheer you on. So, get up and be the superhero of your story.