187: Why You Need to Apply For a Scholarship

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Did you know that in the US, only 0.3% of students get full-ride college scholarships? With such short odds, it can seem like there’s no point in applying for scholarships. Add that to how stressful the application processes can be, applying for scholarships can seem like additional stress that students would rather live without. However, there’s nothing quite fulfilling as going through college, getting a degree, and launching a career without having to spend a cent from your pocket. And it gets better when a person starts earning without worrying about student loans. As parents, mentors, elder siblings, we have a duty to talk to high schoolers about the benefits of getting a scholarship. And a lot of times, all this starts with getting good grades and taking high school more seriously. 

Why People Need to Take Highschool More Seriously – 06:05

If Aleanya could go back in time, the one thing she would do is take high school more seriously. Going through high school often marks the transition from childhood into adulthood. At 15 or 16 years of age, teens need to start making decisions about their future. And while most people preach the benefits of enjoying teenage years, a little accountability on the teen’s part is extremely crucial. Aleanya believes that the people who don’t value their high school years face a limited number of things they could do in the future compared to people who take high school seriously.

As parents, we need to start treating their school life as a job where salaries come in the form of grades. Some parents pay for good grades with money, but the big cashout is in the scholarships students win if they decide to pursue college. Nobody ever wants to spend years of their lives paying off college debt. So, if your kids are still in high school, maybe it’s time you told them of the benefits of taking their high school years seriously. 

Aleanya’s Major Life Lessons After Graduating – 09:55

Life is not easy, neither is it supposed to be a linear line of happiness and success. Sometimes you’ll go through hardships, and sometimes you’ll experience a constant surge of ups and downs. But, if you look at it from a first-gen perspective, everything seems more complicated. You go to college with almost zero information on how to go through things, and your family members start treating you differently because you’re getting a college education. But we’re first-gen. We’re meant to be tough; we’re meant to pursue our dreams, no matter what. And most importantly, we never give up. So, if you don’t have people around you who live the life you want to live, go find them somewhere else. Find inspiration in successful people and be curious in finding out how they did it. 

How to Build Relationships with Mentors and Other Succesful People In Your Life – 12:20

As earlier mentioned, sometimes first-gens go through life with no guidance on how to address challenges in life, work, or school. Aleanya believes mentors can develop into a person’s most meaningful and life-changing relationships. For example, a good mentor can be the difference between learning through tough experiences and easily sidestepping mistakes. But how can you identify and build relationships with the right mentors? 

First, recognize that a mentor should never be taken for granted; their time is just as valuable as yours. Also, don’t be too picky. Find someone in your field who is more experienced than you are, and get them to talk about themselves. People love talking about themselves and if you can find someone open about his mistakes and accomplishments, then take advantage of that. 

Why Aleanya Decided to Start a Non-Profit – 19:17

People starting a business often face the dilemma of making it a for-profit or a non-profit. Aleanya, fortunately, never met this scenario because all she wanted was to launch an organization that would further her dreams of leaving a legacy. Furthermore, non-profit organizations qualify for tax exemption since their core mission is to promote a social cause. So, if a person wanted to donate a van, the IRS wouldn’t impose any taxes on the donation. However, once she started mentoring students in schools and impacting their lives, she started receiving community awards and recognitions from influential people. This meant that she had to differentiate her personal brand from her organization. Sometimes people didn’t want the organization; they wanted her, so she built a for-profit business around her personal brand.  

What Aleanya Would Do Differently If Given The Chance – 26:30

When most people start a business, whether for-profit or non-profit, they often focus on creating value for their customers and growing the business. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, the other parts of the business, e.g., marketing, tend to suffer. Aleanya admits that she might have neglected the marketing side of the business, which might have slowed down her growth. As a business owner, it would be best to pay attention to all business cogs. And if you can’t manage on your own, find someone to help you. 

Aleanya Moore is a young AND vibrant speaker with a dynamic message to women seeking to find their purpose & unleash their dreams. She is the Founder of a local non-profit called Ladies Under Construction Inc. a mentor outreach program for girl’s and established Moore Out of Life Speaks LLC a business & life coaching brand empowering women to Stay Focused! Dream Big and Don’t Quit! Aleanya received her Master’s of Art Degree in Organizational Leadership & is also the author of Through My Lens biography sharing her life’s journey. Above all, Aleanya is a God Fearing Woman & the mother of Imani Serenity Moss…..please welcome Aleanya Moore! Connect with Aleanya Moore through LinkedIn.