194: How to Use Your Voice to Influence Change

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The best leaders use their voice to stand up for what’s right rather than what is easy. And if there’s one thing that rings true every time a person stands in front of an audience to implement change is that the voice can be quite powerful. When used with the best intentions at heart, the voice is a tool that transports us into the future– a future full of possibilities, equality, and solutions. Unfortunately, far too many people have been silenced and shamed for trying to use their voices.

This is something that needs to stop because no two voices are the same. Everybody has something different to say, and everyone’s voice matters. Therefore, we all need to start using our voices for the truth and not let ourselves become silenced. No matter where you come from or the issues you want to address, we can all influence change, and sometimes that starts by being the voice of the voiceless. 

Dr. Sindy’s Journey Into Entrepreneurship – 07:45

All entrepreneurs have different stories about why they decided to start a business. Some intuitively knew they wanted to work for themselves, others came up with ideas while working for someone else, and the rest just found themselves deep in entrepreneurship with no idea how they got there. For Dr. Sindy, the journey to starting her own business is quite an interesting one. She was actually very satisfied with her corporate job until her position was dissolved. And that’s when she realized that everyone can be replaced. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how hard you work; you’re replaceable. So, instead of looking for another job with no job security, she decided it was time to start something where she couldn’t be replaced. And that’s how she got into entrepreneurship. 

Why and How to Find Your Purpose in Life – 11:22

“Finding your purpose” has been used so many times by so many people that it’s almost a cliche. But, you know what? It’s not. It’s actually a tool for a better, happier, healthier life. So, why is finding your purpose so important? Is the effort, time, and sometimes money spent on trying to find your purpose worth it? The simple answer is yes. The more complex answer to this is there are two ways to go through life: You can strive to be mindful of your purpose and pursue it, or you can decide not to answer the call. The ones who answer the call live a meaningful life because they know what they love to do, what they are good at, and how they can contribute to the world’s greater good.

Dr. Sindy believes that everyone has a purpose in life, but not everybody ever finds it. Nevertheless, the people you’re meant to serve are waiting for you. You just have to show up, and they’ll find you. 

Why Dr. Sindy Became an Author – 18:54

How does one become a writer? The really short answer is: anyone who writes is a writer. However, becoming an author is where it gets tricky because it requires lots of work, time, and dedication towards writing something people will actually read. But the good news is you don’t need a degree in creative writing to be an author. You just need an admiration for words and a unique voice. For Dr. Sindy, becoming an author was an easy decision to make because she wanted to increase her reach. She wanted to impact people she may never see and the only way she could achieve that was by writing a book. You might not be able to travel the world impacting people, but a good book can do that for you.

Black Women Voices – 25:07 

As mentioned earlier, our voice is the most powerful tool we have in our arsenal. But it’s often not that effective unless two people come together and amplify their voices behind a similar message. For far too long, women, especially Black women, have stood in the background as other people influence change. It’s not like we don’t have a voice; it’s just that most of us are too afraid to step in the forefront and lead transformative conversations. And the ones that do are not loud enough to influence change. That’s why Dr. Sindy believes that the one true way we can be heard as Black women is to come together towards a common goal. And it all starts by leading ourselves and valuing the individual contribution we make in society.  

Dr. Sindy specializes in helping parents and educators uncover roadblocks that threaten student success. This is achieved through SSG, an institute dedicated to providing curriculum for students and families; GYEM, Inc., an organization dedicated to providing 21st Century workshops, programs, and individualized coaching sessions to move clients from chaos to clarity; and Y4P, a 501c(3) organization focused on inspiring youth through civic engagement and philanthropy. Her energetic techniques make learning practical, memorable, fun, and real, catering to all learning styles. Sindy’s dedication to this message encourages clients to rewrite those life scripts that threaten their capacity to manifest success. Connect with her through LinkedIn.