196: Don’t Miss the Moments

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More often than not, life offers us beauty, experiences, and uniqueness that we miss. Don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that you overlook the little things—so many moments that’ll never happen again. What in your life are you missing out on because you’re not paying attention?

Paying Attention and the Palindrome – 02:20

Today, we’re going to talk about something that, to be honest, I think about all of the time. It’s the small, seemingly insignificant aspects of everyday life for granted. The day this session comes out will be 12/9/12. So, what’s the date have to do with whatever it is I’m talking about? Well, that date is a palindrome. A palindrome is a word, number, phrase, or a sequence of characters that read the same backward as forward. For example, Kayak, level, and even Eve.

Palindromes, especially in dates, occur once in a lifetime. Most of them come and go without us even noticing them. If you can’t notice something as simple as a date, imagine all the things that pass by without you noticing. We live in an era where the internet and high-tech take up most of our attention. Right now, the average attention span for most people is 8 seconds. With such low numbers, it’s now crucial that you understand how simply paying attention can drastically improve your life. 

Everything Evolves. So Should You – 06:10

In life, everything evolves. And unfortunately, the things that don’t evolve often end up worse off. Think about the trees, for example. A tree will be full of leaves one season and then lose all its leaves the next. If they didn’t shed off their lives, they’d probably die. What I mean by that is that things change and in real life, there is no arrival point. You’ll find plateaus that challenge your determination, there will always be another door to open or an unfinished craft that needs mastering.

Nonetheless, the exciting thing about evolution is that everyone evolves into their next state of being. Nobody ever remains the same today as tomorrow. So, open your eyes to everything that’s changing around you and make sure you don’t miss out on the beauty of everyday moments. 

Be a Little More Present on Your Life – 09:15

You’ve probably heard of the advantages of mindfulness and being present in life. Living in the present helps us to appreciate the often missed beauties of life rather than worrying about tomorrow’s problems. Even when life moves a little too fast, being mindful of the present means that you can still learn to appreciate it.

But what exactly does being present mean? First, most people overcomplicate it. It does not necessarily entail living the life of a monk somewhere in the Himalayas. Being present means trying to raise awareness and paying attention to what’s going on around you without trying to alter anything. No matter how stressful your days have been, there’s always something you can smile about. And being present helps you notice the little wins that would have otherwise gone unnoticed because you were too busy looking out for big wins. 

I challenge you today to embrace the good and the bad of everyday life. Celebrate the small delights as much as the big ones. This encourages you to think optimistically, even when things aren’t moving according to plan. 

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