197: Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Entrepreneurship

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The more I talk to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially as I’m getting ready to re-launch my business development program, I hear folks mention that they’re scared. I can understand fear is normal when we’re facing anything that’s unfamiliar. For me, I wasn’t scared when I started. I’m about 99% sure that is because I loved speaking, and I didn’t see what I was doing as entrepreneurship. (More about that in the show.) Anywho… I’ll tell anyone who’ll listen that while being a business owner is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, it’s also one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I think if you’re interested, especially as someone who is first-generation and looking to build wealth, it’s something certainly worth experiencing. So, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t be scared to pursue entrepreneurship.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Entrepreneurship – 01:00

Fear and self-doubt are some of the raw emotions most aspiring entrepreneurs experience when they think about launching their own business. But fear is human. It’s the fundamental part of human psychology, and our brains are wired to feel it because it keeps us safe. Unfortunately, fear can also hold us back, especially entrepreneurial fear. And it gets worse the more you feed it. Remember, fear feeds on fear. And so, the more you try to avoid something that’s giving you sleepless nights, the more anxious you become. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, maybe a side hustle, the more you push it on the side, the less likely you’re ever going to start.

I’ve been in business for several years now, and although I never really felt fear when I first started out, I still feel fear inside me every day. But do I let it stop me? No, I don’t! Do I make mistakes? Everyday. I just dust myself and keep showing up. If you have dreams of one day starting a business but can’t seem to overcome the fear of starting, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. I may not have gone through what you’re going through right now but let me tell you this, better days are coming, for sure. You just need to take the first step. But first, you must acknowledge your fears and find ways to move beyond them.

You Are Capable – 05:30

What if I told you that whatever you want to achieve, you can and will most certainly achieve it? Or what if I told you that you’re capable of anything in life? How would that change how you approach life? Here’s the thing, when you invest a lot of energy into focusing on what you want, you usually get more of it. This is because whatever you focus on grows. So, instead of focusing on the negative stuff, why don’t you focus on the positive stuff in your life. For example, you’re a First Gen. You went to college with no blueprint of what to expect and still made it out in one piece. If that doesn’t prove that you’re capable of anything in life, then nothing will. 

Resources for Entrepreneurs are Everywhere – 06:46

When you’re starting a business, the process of getting information and resources will be a little overwhelming. Where do you go to get the help, advice, and tools you need? We live in the internet age, and so there are hundreds of places you can get the information you need. However, the problem is, the world is so full of information that you might have trouble sorting through them all. To avoid information overload, cut through the clutter, figure out what you want, join an entrepreneurial community, and start making those bold entrepreneurial moves. 

Believe In Your Higher Calling – 09:10

Entrepreneurs who have meaning and purpose in whatever they do are more successful, happier, feel more in control, and get more out of what they do. Most agree that they also experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. This mostly comes down to believing in something greater than yourself. As an entrepreneur, you really need to believe in your mission in life. There has to be something greater than you that makes it worth working had every day. Unfortunately, sometimes this doesn’t come naturally and has to be cultivated in some way or another. But it can be done. If you truly believe that your mission is something you were meant to pursue, then nothing can stop you. You can only stop yourself.