203: Celebrating 5 Years and Happy Birthday

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5 years.

It’s been 5 years since I aired my first podcast. Back then, it was The Purpose University Podcast. Since 2018, it’s been The First-Gen Lounge.

It’s been five years since I sat in my car at my apartment complex and recorded my first show on the voice application on my cell phone.

It’s been five years and 5 birthdays.

I want to thank you for sharing this journey with me. Thank you to every person who has been on the show. Thank you for sending folks to be on the show. Thank you to each and every individual who you’ve told to get tuned in to the show.

An Award-Winning Show – 4:29

I’ve learned that The First-Gen Lounge has won Podcast of the Year for the 2021 Catalyst Awards led by First-Gen and Juice. It’s actually one of my favorite platforms that I’ve admired for years, as they celebrate the first-generation identity in popular culture. (Hear me when I tell you there are so many angles to show up in this first-gen space.) 

Lesson from Doing My Hair – 6:50

I’d gone to the bathroom to do my hair. Ha! What did I do? I stopped taking care of my hair on the centimeter or two of hair on my head. I got lazy. I fooled myself into thinking that not much was going to change. Then came insecurities about my edges (cause they can still break). Along came dryness. And out went the poppin’ waves. 

Your girl was hurt.

Lesson from Gaining 50 Pounds – 8:45

In case you don’t know… In 2011, I’d lost 110 pounds. By 2015, I’d gained back 120. Yet, somewhere in between late 2017 and early 2020, I’d lost over 159 pounds. At this point, in my life, I can say I’ve lost over 269 pounds. That’s craaaaazy.


I figured out what worked with me, but I didn’t keep it up. So, I ain’t cried me a river or beat myself because I’ve gained the weight back. I accept and acknowledge that where I am with this is because of the decisions I’ve made. Yet, in being honest with myself, and because of previous experiences, I know that I have it within me to change it.

What I Know About Being Consistent – 11:05

This leads me to remind you that… to be consistent you have to know WHY you’re doing what you do in the first place. To stick to something, it has to be aligned with what you believe and value. Because, simply put, for whatever it is that you so desire and want to see at it’s best… being consistent is NOT an option.