227: How to Pivot with Ease and Peace

Finding oneself at a crossroads is one thing, but knowing exactly which way to go once you get there is a whole different story. Since our last chat, Dr. T’Airra Belcher has experienced a number of major life changes. We’re excited to have her back with us to chat a bit about what to do when faced with making significant pivots in life.

Finding Joy in the Journey – 04:57

If you’ve ever created a goal, worked hard, and eventually crushed it, you’ll know the joy of hitting a goal. Unfortunately, dream chasing is addictive. Once you’ve hit the first milestone, you’re out looking for the next best thing. You get your dream job, and a few months later, you’re already thinking of a promotion. You get accepted into a highly-competitive program, and then it’s about becoming top of the class.

According to T’Airra, we all have different mountains to climb. Some people may be climbing towards career success, and others may be climbing towards sobriety or weight loss. And still, others may be climbing towards dealing with grief. No matter your journey, take time to appreciate how far you’ve come. You don’t even have to have it all figured out. But as long as you’re moving, there’s joy in to be found in that journey. 

Pivot and Reinvent Yourself With Purpose – 06:34 

Here’s the interesting thing about change: no one likes change. What people really want is for things to improve but remain the same. That said, at every stage of your life, you will go through many changes, meet many people, land many jobs, etc. Some of those changes will be out of our control (COVID), and some will come from within. But when change comes knocking, we often feel like we don’t have a choice. But we do.

After Dr. Belcher’s father died, she had a choice to make. Sit in New Orleans and grieve alone or move back to Virginia and grieve among friends and family. Again, when the pandemic hit, she could either stick with a brick-and-mortar business or go virtual. You see, just because a situation gets murky doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. Take whatever life throws at you and build something for yourself. 

Moving Back Home is Not a Step Back – 13:10

Is moving back home a step back? The simple answer is no. First, there is no shame in returning home no matter how many years ago you left. Second, moving back home can be a blessing, especially if it helps you overcome life’s troubles. However, it’s not going to be easy. So if you ever find yourself needing to go back home, here are some things Dr. Belcher recommends: 

1. Sit down and calculate how much you would save. 

Adding the amount you could save from rent, bills, and grocery shopping can potentially make you feel good about going back. 

2. Fit those “newfound” savings into real-life goals.

For Dr. Belcher, her new saving would be used to pay off her student loans and further her education. Whatever the reason, there’s something meaningful you can do with that extra money.  

3. Manage your ego.

Your ego will be bruised; there’s no doubt about that. Your friends, workmates, and even family members might see your move as a step back, but you have to stay focused and remember your why.

4. Commit to making my life walkable. 

If there’s no reason for you to continue living in the big cities or living alone, it makes sense to go back home. Analyze your situation and make the decision that works best for you. 

Why Entrepreneurship Matters 28:00

Like most first-gens, Dr. Belcher never saw herself as an entrepreneur. In fact, she’d be lying to say that the thought of running her own business was something she’d ever wanted. She dreamed of getting employed, working in an office, and helping others. But having spotted a problem in the mental health space, Dr. Belcher found herself slowly transitioning into the world of running her own business. 

If you ever want to raise your income ceiling or increase the number of people you impact through your work, entrepreneurship is the only way. And if you find yourself settling and giving up some of your innermost desires, you’re doing a disservice to yourself and your potential.