229: How to Be A Champion

When you think of the word champion, you often associate it with someone who wins, a person that’s a fighter, or that feeling of coming out on top. So, then, as a first-generation scholar or professional… what does it for you to be a champion? 

Why Kia Left Corporate America – 03:50

As a first-gen working in corporate America, Kia had reached the proverbial mountain top. She did everything she was taught would bring success to folks like us – went to school, studied hard, got that degree, and got a nice place in corporate America. But then the pandemic happened, and when everyone was running away from entrepreneurship, she did the opposite. Her soul was crying out to do something more significant, and that’s when she decided to pursue entrepreneurship. It started as a side hustle and slowly grew into something she could do full-time.

At the root of Kia’s entrepreneurial itch was the impact of the pandemic on children with special needs, her son being one of them. First, it took a while to get the virtual classes for kids with special needs up and running. Then when they became available, they were so poorly prepared that most kids struggled to adapt. It was at this point that Kia decided to use her instructional design skills to fix the social distance learning chaos. 

Challenges and Kia’s Journey to Entrepreneurship – 07:50

Entrepreneurship is hard; we all know that. Some challenges are rewarding but harsh nonetheless. 

But with all the potential challenges, why are lots of people still drawn in by the allure of entrepreneurship? Well, you get to ditch corporate life and call all the shots. You’ll potentially make more money and work fewer hours, eventually.

Entrepreneurship is not always glamorous. You’ll need to push yourself to the limit before you even start seeing any results. Then there’s the question of building a side hustle or going all in. There’s also the stress of learning to sell your product or service and make a profit. But is it ever worth it? Kia believes it is. As someone who has always wanted a business for herself, Kia knew that the only way to build generational wealth was through entrepreneurship. 

What It Means to be a Champion – 16:39

Are you a champion? Mind you, being a champion is not only about winning; neither is it reserved for a select few. Being a champion is a lifestyle. You have to show up every day and fight for what you believe in. A champion is the type of person who is always thinking about how to make life better for themselves, the people around them, and society as a whole. The good news is that anyone and everyone can be a champion. 

For Kia, the word champion has a deeper meaning than just winning. Her son’s name comes from an African word meaning champion; her business is called Champion Instructors. All these were very intentional because your name is your identity. But more than that, becoming a champion starts when you believe you can achieve the extraordinary – because you can. We all can.