239: Entrepreneurship Ain’t Easy

As an entrepreneur, when you’re determined to make it work, you will. In some cases, the proof of your labor will be evident when folks start tapping you on your shoulder. It’s like a mile marker for your success. Entrepreneurship, however, ain’t easy. It can be even more challenging as a Black woman when trying to figure out just how to show up.

Quin Taylor is a Chronic Illness Warrior, Board Certified Patient Advocate and Speaker.  She was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, FSGS specifically, at the age of 20.  She had dreams of becoming a psychologist, getting married and having two and a half kids with a dog and white picket fence and was working her way towards that.  At the age of 27, her kidneys failed and she started dialysis, it felt like her dreams were gone…at least that’s what she thought.

Quin often shares that the tool that has helped her most is gratitude.  She is grateful that God equipped her for this journey.  That no matter how defeated she feels or discouraged she may be, she knows God has a purpose for her and she will get through it. She dreamed of going around the world sharing her story to uplift and encourage others, but with a life of managing chronic invisible illnesses she didn’t see how that would happen.