240: Shutting Successful Businesses Down

Most of the time when we hear about businesses shutting down, it’s because something has gone wrong. Perhaps, and foremost, financial issues may be the cause. In other cases, it may be that the trend for that product or service may no longer be. Other reasons can even include that a business was bought out and demolished, or even after years of serving the community, it was decided that it was time to retire and shut the business down. What about businesses that shut down although nothing is wrong?

Dr. Emmanuela is a multi-passionate professional who does the delicate dance of wearing many hats including being a diversity researcher and consultant, doctorate coach, scholar, and podcast host of the Writing on My Mind podcast through her consulting company, Dr. Emmanuela Consulting.

As a doctorate coach, she is on a mission to help women of color doctoral students get unstuck and reclaim the power they have over their doctoral journey. Utilizing the skills she’s gained in her day job leading a university career center helping fortune 500 companies find the best ways to recruit diverse talent, she now serves as a consultant to help organizations identify and strategically implement anti-racist processes to recruit and retain diverse talent.