34: Building Your Own Table

Dr. Shawntel Okonkwo is a Ph.D. Molecular Biologist and a sought-after keynote speaker, scientific R&D consultant, advisor, and creative science communicator. She is passionate about ideating, designing, advising, and communicating intersectional solutions that creatively engage science and technology for a better world. As a scientist, her empathy-centered yet analytical approach reinforces emotional intelligence throughout her scientific expertise and allows her to provide maximum value for multiple stakeholders and audience types.

She has worked with the National Science Foundation, TEDx, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Exploratorium, AAAS, 500womenscientists, biotechnology companies, and many more. With a laser-sharp focus on emotional intelligence, she leverages this distinguishing strength for effective science communication and scientific consulting.

Shawntel aims to creatively synergize these intersectional skillsets and expertise to identify, communicate and bridge gaps across multiple industries in STEM. Connect with Dr. Shawntel Okonkwo on LinkedIn

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