45: Trusting Your Process

LaTayvia Brown is the founder and visionary of Professionally Inspired, LLC. As a well-known motivational speaker, LaTayvia prides herself in providing resources to youth and young adults in order to positively impact their lives. Her reinforced ideas are what create the core principles behind her self-affirmation poster, “You Were Created to Lead.” LaTayvia is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has been featured in LV Magazine, Faith Grind and Inspired podcast, the First-Gen Lounge podcast, Bronx Community Television, and countless more media.

In May of 2019, she was recognized by Making the Impossible Possible Inc, the Brooklyn Borough President, and various members of Congress as an outstanding citizenship Hall of Fame. All of LaTayvia’s accomplishments and certifications help her to educate the next generation, by giving them the tools to empower themselves. With a widespread partnership with faith-based organizations and scholastic organizations, she is able to motivate youth and young adults by tackling topics such as self-love, leadership skills, defining purpose, the importance of making an impact and added curriculum courses to help build their lives for the better. 

This is just a small part of LaTayvia’s overall vision to develop and empower positive future leaders. She dedicates all of her time, resources, and connections to building up those around her in order to achieve this goal and inspire others to help her do the same. Connect with LaTayvia Brown on LinkedIn

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