51: Being Kantshes about Your Feelings

Dr. Jhanel A. Davis was born in Brooklyn New York but raised in Fort. Lauderdale FL. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University in Elementary Education. She later pursued a Master’s degree from St. Thomas University and a Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. 

Dr. Jhanel A. Davis is an Author, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Counselor, and Growth Specialist. She is dedicated to educating and helping others heal. From teaching nationally and internationally to her passion for seeing, the growth of children and families of color Dr. Davis became the founder and CEO of Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors. Kuhltuhveyting Kantshes Kors is a platform that explores the minds of children of color, their families, and community members who are struggling to deal with present & past traumatic events. Connect with Dr. Jhanel A. Davis on LinkedIn

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