53: Showing up for Yourself

Dr. Shameka Stanford is a Professor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders department at Howard University and the Juvenile Forensic Speech-Language  Pathologist. Dr. Stanford is the first and only Juvenile Forensic SLP in the United States and she specializes in Juvenile Forensics, Law Enforcement Interaction with youth with CD, and child language disorders. 

Her research focuses on the Confluence and Impact of cognitive and communication disorders on the school-to-confinement pipeline, status offenses, involvement with the criminal justice system, law enforcement interaction, and criminal recidivism in youth placed at-risk for delinquency and crime (especially Black and Brown youth from under-resourced areas). 

Dr. Stanford is also a clinically certified and licensed speech-language pathologist and is licensed to practice in Maryland, Washington, D.C, and North Carolina. Through her work, Dr. Stanford has created cutting-edge social justice and juvenile justice specialty courses for graduate CSD students, nationally known training programs for law enforcement and legal counsel, and national and international CE workshops and training for licensed SLP clinicians. Connect with Dr. Shameka Stanford on LinkedIn.

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