60: Stand for Something

Diarra Imani is a first-gen Jamaican graduate who experienced the education system differently and consequently created Star Seed & Co., dedicated to curricula & workshop Development, where she curates curricula and programs for adult educators, community members, and the youth. 

She is a dedicated teaching artist as well. She uses Royal Third Apparel, a point and paint clothing line of apparel that represents her yoga practice, Soul Flex Yogini, where they focus on the alignment of the chakras and the utilization of the third eye, or enlightenment. 

She proudly introduces herself as the Founder and CEO of Sun Seed Programming & Curriculum Design: Sun Seed’s key mission is to engage unconventional resources to elevate traditional academic outcomes & minds. Providing programming for students who are combatting sociocultural barriers and curriculum to guide educators through essential questions. Connect with Diarra Imani on LinkedIn

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