71: Finding Your Voice

How do you find your voice in a world that’s constantly telling you who and what to be? How do you recognize when your voice has evolved? Even more, when you recognize the change, what do you do about it? Rapper turned podcaster, Quay (also known as Kain), knows a thing or two about discovering, rediscovering, and owning one’s voice. Utilizing his platforms for purpose, he is able to create and collaborate to serve. Creating for and shaped by — the people.

Quay “Kain” Weston is a designer who has often found himself at the intersections of education, art, and technology. With more than seven years of nonprofit and educational experience and 10+ years as a self-taught designer, he has served as a connector and worked towards equity and access for Black communities. 

It is through music, poetry, mentoring, financial education, disaster relief, and more recently through starting the Enoch Coalition — a pay-what-you-can branding, web, and strategy design agency for social impact organizations — that he seeks to make an impact, build community, and help create opportunities for Black people. A native of Pantego, North Carolina and graduate of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Quay believes that community is the solution to being sustained, supported, and saved in a world that seems to do the opposite. Connect with Quay Weston in LinkedIn.

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