80: Forging Your Own Path

​Are you a square peg trying to fit into the round hole that is conventional success? Are you doing what you were made to do? Part of being a first gen is taking the path of uncertainty. And if you can start to normalize the unconventional path, it starts to seem a little less scary. Ayeesha’s path has been nothing but conventional. Moving from Alaska to Oregon State, getting her doctorate, and starting her own company, Ayeesha shows us, forging your own path is the ultimate learning experience, and how personal development is key to one’s success. 

Ayeesha Hankins is an educator-entrepreneur who lives and works in Portland, OR. Although, Anchorage, Alaska is the city where she will always call home. Her business is aimed at helping women, particularly women of color understand the powerful role our self-beliefs have on our success in life and how to employ strategies to positively influence them. Empowering women to achieve their goals is meaningful work. She enjoys all things learning and aims to live a life that integrates work, play, good food, time with family, and rest. In terms of favorite people, her husband Greg is at the top of that list, giving her courage and helping her to grow.

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