91: Truth and Transparency

It can be hard to be transparent can be hard at times, but it’s in these moments of transparency and truth that we learn to get stronger and work through the difficult things we are going through. Our chat with Dempris about mental health, and how important it is to talk about it, was so good. Too often, we keep these things to ourselves, but if we are a little more transparent about what we are going through, it can allow us to get the help we need.

Dempris Gasque got a bachelor’s degree in three years at FSU, and he’s gone on to become a mental health advocate for the National Alliance on Mental Illness speaking across the state, a sponsor of community events, a community leader, and a CEO of a professional-development training agency. His purpose while passing through on this earth is to inspire those who need a stern push while being held accountable to achieve their goals. Connect with Dempris Gasque on LinkedIn

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