97: How to Be Patient and Resilient

Is your path towards getting your college degree taking a bit longer than you wanted? Well, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, if you have patience and never lose hope, you can always reach your goals. In today’s conversation with Angelika, we talk about never giving up. It took her 15 years to get her bachelor’ degree, while at the same time serving in the military. Now she is going for her Ph.D. and helping homeless female veterans. We had a very open and honest conversation talking about parental divorce, food addiction, and self-care.

Angelika Johnson, PhD candidate of Human and Social Services specializing in military culture and families at Walden University, have had the opportunity to gain insight and experience assessing the needs of a diverse populations, partnering with local agencies (Department of Children and Family Services) to address client needs, providing counseling and awareness to level 1 substance abuse victims and domestic violence cases. She also serves as a liaison for families and children that are currently in the process of completing their designated case plans for potential reunification in several counties in Georgia. Her passion is to provide her clients with the necessary tools to be able to recognize their shortcomings and utilize the skills and techniques that they have learned to conquer them. Asshe transitioned to a population that is emergent, she is confident in her skills knowing that she will do what is best for each client that seeks inpatient psychiatric services. Connect with Angelika Johnson on LinkedIn

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