99: Happy Birthday and 3rd Podversary!

Today’s session is a little bonus…. actually, it’s a must-do because it’s MY birthday! Why does that even matter? Every year I have a show on my birthday to commemorate the show, and today I want to talk about 9 things that podcasting has taught me. I’ve been podcasting for 3 birthdays now, and as this show has grown and evolved over the years, and so have I.

One of the things that stood out to me most about today was the numbers. You know that I love numbers, right? So, let me tell you how fascinated I am.

It’s 1/26 and if you add those numbers, it’s 9. I’m a 9 (OO-OOP). Today’s session is 99 and dropped at 9pm EST. Today also marks the 3rd year that I’ve been podcasting and my 33 trips around the moon.

333 is 9. 3 by 3 is 9. 3 by 33 is 99.

3 is representative of life, interconnectedness, and resurrection.

9 is representative of purpose, truth, and the lucky number for Aquarius. (How ironic? Or… Is it?)

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