110: Making the Most of that 9-5

First comes the degree, then comes the J-O-B. How are you feeling about it? Do you feel like you’ve got the keys to success? Be it that you’re going into the workforce for the first-time, or using that graduate degree to move on up, this show is for you. In this session, Kimberly Barrett, shares […]


106: Building Your Community

A first-generation college graduate, it’s important to surround yourself with people who are going to have your back. After all, you weren’t created to do this thing called life alone, so be sure that no matter where you go that you’ll make it a point to build community. More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay.


105: How College Can Be A New Start

Did you want to go to college? Was it something that you were excited for? Sometimes you don’t go to college because you really wanted to, but because it was the best option at the time. For Sarah, she wasn’t motivated in high school but went to the one college that accepted her because she wasn’t ready […]


101: Finding A Passion for the Youth

Happy Black History Month! For the next few weeks, we’ll be celebrating and sharing the stories of those who are #blackfirstgen. So, we’re kicking things off with a chat with someone whose parents, in her word, were “Black Revolutionaries.” Not just that.. If you think you have a big family, today’s guest, Senemeht Olatunji, was one of […]


98: 5 Ways to Face Failure

More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay. We talk a lot about success on The First-Gen Lounge. And it’s okay to talk about success because how else can we motivate ourselves and others if not through success stories. However, today we are going to do things a little differently– we’re going to talk about failure. Things aren’t […]


96: Mentorship After College

As a first-gen do you think about mentorship as being a crucial part of the collegiate experience? For Anthony, it was something he didn’t really think about until he got to graduate school. Now, he is an advocate for all things mentorship! More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay.