222: Advice for New and Aspiring Speakers

More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay. Ever thought about taking your passion for speaking and turning it into a profitable business?  Imagine yourself being on stage, sharing your expertise and captivating audiences, sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, it could be. But only if you do it right.   If you’re thinking about starting a […]


220: Regrets About Entrepreneurship

More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay. From the moment you start thinking about owning your own business to serving your first customer, entrepreneurship seems like a challenging yet gratifying experience. Interestingly, even the stressful moments seem to have a bit of magic, such that mistakes rarely give birth to entrepreneurial regret. Thus, it seems crazy to […]


210: History Notes: Who is Going to Look Out for You?

More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay. We are taking this back to when I used to find myself feeling like once I graduated from college, especially in professional settings, people didn’t have my back. I spent a lot of time thinking that something was wrong with me, too. It was this unsettling feeling that because I […]


205: Why You Should NOT Expect Your Friends to Support Your Business

More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay Here’s the thing, the biggest disappointments in life are often the result of misplaced expectations. This is especially true for relationships and business expectations– expecting too much from others is a recipe for disappointment. Where am I going with all of this? Well, you shouldn’t expect your friends to be […]