9: 9 Pearls of Wisdom

Happy New Year! Celebrating one year of The Purpose University Podcast (and another birthday). Here are a few things that I’ve taken from the past year that I’d like to share with you. More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay.


8: Align Yourself

Elisa Wiah, at the age of seventeen, founded Girls Like Me, Inc. with the intent to provide girls with the support and resources to express themselves freely and accomplish their dreams. Elisa is a writer of inspiring thoughts, an admirer of pretty things, and a professional dreamer.  She is the designer and curator of ShopGLM.com, […]


7: Be Legend

Curtis Outlaw is the Founder of Young Black Kings and a first-generation college graduate. He is an experienced Emergency Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the public and private sectors. Protective services professional skilled in Financial services, Policy research, Grants management, and Government administration. Connect with Curtis Outlaw on LinkedIn. More ways to […]


6: The Importance of Healing

Debbie L. London considers herself to be a vessel that God uses to relay messages to others. In order to assess how best to help other people, her particular approach is to be led by the Holy Spirit; this allows her to navigate tough issues, which vary in depth. Transforming with Transparency is her tagline […]


5: Dealing with Frustration

Everyone gets frustrated from time-to-time, but you don’t have to stay in that negative mental space. In this session, we’ll touch on ways that you can deal with frustration. More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay.


2: Evaluating Your Circle

After having spent a few days conversing with students at The Ohio State University about healthy relationships, this session is intended to encourage you to reflect on the people with whom you surround yourself with while on your journey of living intentional. More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay.


1: Welcome to Purpose University

So, what is Purpose University all about? Meet your host Dr. Eve, celebrating her birthday today, and let’s talking about the start of living your best life. Evingerlean D. B. Hudson, Ph.D., affectionately known as Dr. Eve, is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, and a first-generation college graduate who earned a Ph.D. at the […]