110: Making the Most of that 9-5

First comes the degree, then comes the J-O-B. How are you feeling about it? Do you feel like you’ve got the keys to success? Be it that you’re going into the workforce for the first-time, or using that graduate degree to move on up, this show is for you. In this session, Kimberly Barrett, shares […]


96: Mentorship After College

As a first-gen do you think about mentorship as being a crucial part of the collegiate experience? For Anthony, it was something he didn’t really think about until he got to graduate school. Now, he is an advocate for all things mentorship! More ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, GooglePlay.


84: First-Gens in the Corporate World

What does finding meaningful work look like? What does your first-gen voice look like in the corporate world? In our conversation with Chandria we talk about how a first-gens resilient nature is beneficial when you are making your way into your career. As well as the challenges that diversity and inclusion present in the workplace.  ​ More ways […]