135: YOU Are Your Brand!

Remember that time when only celebrities and major organizations had personal brands? That time you needed to be a big industry player to attract attention and dominate the social waves? Well, things changed! Anyone willing to invest the time, effort, and correct marketing strategy can build their brand. As an entrepreneur, how you market yourself […]


134: How Late is Too Late?

Is starting college 7 years after high school the right thing to do? Well, James Stukes sure did, and he’s here to show you how best to do so successfully. If you’re feeling anxious about starting college in your 20’s, the ‘what ifs’ and feelings of insecurity might give you sleepless nights, but guess what! […]


131: The First-Gen Lounge Reunion

Today’s episode is truly something special–it’s a reunion. I’m so excited to have not one, not two, but THREE past guests (Irnande Altema, Shonice Montgomery, and Janet Reyes) to return to drop some knowledge on us about all things life. What are the most significant happenings? (03:10) Most people use social media to unwind and forget […]